Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planning Parties.. oh baby...

Many of you know that planning parties are my absolute favorite thing to do! I like planning big Birthday bashes for myself, and others! I have planned one baby shower and LOVED it! I planned my wedding and had a great time doing it! I used to think that Event Coordination was my chosen career field. Now that we have our beautiful Carrie Addis, I want my afternoons, weekends, mornings, etc! I love spending time with my girl and a career with event planning will have to wait til later in life! :) Until then I plan to PLAN lots of PARTIES!! 

Here is some photos of the baby shower I threw for my friend Besty!
(with the help of other friends of course!)   Enjoy!

Gift Table

Diaper Cake!

Diaper Cake Again!

Fabric Pendant to set the Color & Tone

Activity -- Making Isabelle's First Alphabet Book!

Guess the Due Date! We were all wrong but this was a FUN guest book!

Entry Way- Wreath for the Hospital Door

Present Area

Present Area Again!

Where the Momma to Be opened lovely gifts!

A friend made this Baby Carriage with Fruit! So Yummy! 

These were already at the location but they fit the color scheme perfectly!    

Soon I will be planning another baby shower for "Baby Brady"! Can not wait! Also coming up in the blog will be  Christmas Photos! and pictures of Carrie's Nursey! My favorite room in our house! :)

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