Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty and the Beach.

We have had a wonderful summer so far! We are enjoying time with our families, friends, and soaking up the sun! 

We took a McCumsey Family Beach Vacation a few weeks back! We had a GREAT time! The girls and Eli are little fishes, even Carrie swam! :) 

Here are some photos of the summer so far! 

daddy showing carrie the beach!

our first day on the beach

She loved the Beach!

One of her BIKINI's!

about to swim!

beach lovin

beautiful baby at the beach

napping on the beach

caroline and carrie - cousins-

daddy giving sweet kisses

cool baby girl

she might be starting the teeth :(
A video of Carrie tasting a yummy PEACH!

Also, if you didn't know... We finally got the okay for Carrie to be out of her brace! Come Friday she will be a FREE baby... and she is a MOVING baby at that!!! :) I will have my hands full soon! 
Hope all you family and friends are well!
Sydney, Brian, and Carrie!