Thursday, July 29, 2010

First UltraSound!

This is the photo's from our first ultrasound! It was an awesome experience!

In this ultrasound they determined that I am 9 weeks along and the due date is set to be March 6, 2011. Yay for a winter pregnancy!

Hope you enjoy the updates!! Feel free to comment with your email address so I can email you when I have updated the Blog!

Love Y'all!
Sydney (and Brian proofread!) :)

Lots Happening at the McCumsey Household

As many of you already know we have had lots going on at the McCumsey household. My biggest fear was telling our parents and my awesome set of Grand Parents.. luckily we both made it through alive and have the loving support from both families ... all this love and support makes me emotional... actually ANYTHING makes me emotional! Ha!

All the moving and shaking with our good news has been hectic!! I have to admit I have not enjoyed every morning of nausea and every tired/exhausted moment... but Brian has been a tremendous help! He has ceased passing gas as often, has been doing household chores, and even some cooking... He has made us stable throughout my last few weeks of hormonal adjustment!

Our first doctor's appointment went very well!! I enjoyed meeting Dr. Edward Schwartzenberg, he is going to be a wonderful doctor for me. He is a calm individual, which will hopefully in turn make me calm! Brian went with me, I thoroughly enjoyed his company at the doctors office and I think he enjoyed the process too. I hope that he can make it to all of them, I know they will be a learning experience for both of us!

Now to work my way through this 1st trimester to the glowing 2nd trimester!!

Our Blessing!

Brian and I could not be more excited about this bundle of joy that has entered our lives!! We truly feel blessed!
This blog is my first blogging experience, and I figure no better time than the present to get started! We hope you enjoy "following" our blog and receiving the updates about our blessed life!! We are so happy to share this with our friends and family!

So have fun with this... leave us fun comments, comments of support, and play around... I will be creating polls about baby names, baby weight, baby gender, and other fun things! Our hope is to have all of our friends and family joined in our parenthood journey!!

Love Y'all,
Sydney and Brian
*the start of a new family! :)