Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks...

I do not give thanks near enough. My life is so blessed by friends, family, and every day joy.
Thank you so much for the family and friends that I have supported Brian and I. We are so thankful for each and every one of you. This exciting time in our lives is making us realize how many people we must thank. First of all, each other... I am so thankful to have a loving, caring, amazing man in my life. Brian has truly been a blessing in my life and I am so excited about our future. Our little personal blessing, Carrie, makes me realize how important family is, and how fortunate we are to have friends and family supporting us. I am thankful for this experience of being pregnant, planning a wedding, starting new family traditions, and the many other exciting things happening in our life.

I feel truly blessed to be marrying into such a wonderful family!! yay for the McCumseys!

Thanks to all for the great food, friendship, and laughter today!! We are truly blessed!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brian's Gone for the WEEKEND....

That is right, my sweet fiance has left for the weekend to go to New Orleans for his bachelor party  

I am somehow unfazed by this... most brides to be worry, I am just glad he is getting this excited party! *weird* I have ordered a pizza, watched lifetime, and I am now settling down for a night filled with schoolwork, and most likely some coffee flavored ice cream!

Baby News: The doctor called me "uncomplicated", I REALLLY REALLLY wished Brian would have been at this doctor's appt with me, nothing special happened, I just wish Brian could have heard the word "uncomplicated" in reference to me coming out of DOCTOR'S MOUTH!! :)
He said Baby Carrie is doing well, all things seem normal, and that the heart beat was 148! Our baby girl is just a growing! :)

Wedding News: LSU vs. ARKANSAS is set to play at 2:30... that means there is time for a WEDDING and a RECEPTION!! HOOORAYYY!! Can't wait to see this... I have got Arkansas family and LSU fan family... let's just keep in peaceful, ok? :)
With that announcement.... the countdown has begun, the wedding festivities are right around the corner! Brian asked today, "Are you nervous?" ... the answer is NO!! I am more excited than anything.

I have a few missions for the weekend, since I have the house to myself and lots of time on my hands, I will display these in list form...
                             My Weekend To Do List, that will continue into the week...
  • SCHOOL WORK (I really have til Tuesday to complete all my schoolwork necessary to graduate, this I am panicking about, but it will get done.. why? because it HAS to!!!)
  • RUN THROUGH OF CENTERPIECES (most of you know, this is a Do-it-Youself wedding and the centerpieces are included in that DIY theme)
  • PAINT NEW BEDFRAME (we got a new guest bed- in honor of the DIY theme that is currently taking over my life, my mother and I have taken yet another project- painting guest bed :) ) 
  • FINISH ALL LAST MINUTE WEDDING PREPARATIONS (DIY guestbook, question book, wrap presents, and begin decorating Charlie's Place!)  
As this exciting time is nearing, I am overwhelmed, exhausted, easily aggitated, but over all I feel like I am KICKIN' BOOTY!!! I feel great, achieved, and proud of myself (and so very very thankful for all the help I have recieved!)

So, ending this Blog, dear family and friends, say a prayer for Brian's Bachelor Party, my schoolwork, my dear mother's sanity, and that this weekend is PRODUCTIVE! :)

I love you all, 
I am so very thankful to have you all in my crazy, hectic, wonderful .... LIFE!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bridals Pictures and Dinner Night Two

So last night I skipped cooking and we had leftovers! Hey- we got fed, that is what is important!
Tonight was good! I cooked, it was easy! :) yay!

Today I had the honor of being a girly girl and playing dress up! I got my nails painted, went and got my hair styled by Becca Dantin! She did an awesome job of making me ... look like... ME! :) yay! Then a high school buddy, Megan, who works at the salon Becca works at, offered to do my eye make up... it was very sweet and touching that she offered... this was something I was scared of... one, because I don't let people do my make up, two, I don't even wear a lot of make up, three, I am terrible at applying make up. All in all, I left Salon Avallon feeling like the prettiest bride to be THAT every walked the WORLD!!!

I met up with my photographer/friend Heather Ray and I really enjoyed spending time with her and getting all the photo's done!! I was nervous about this photo session, everytime I pay someone to take photos of me, I end up being all nervous, and looking awkard and hating them. I was very relaxed and natural with Heather! I am so glad for that!! This is a link to Heather Ray's website:

Baby Carrie is going to look back and see her pregnant momma all gussied up for her Bridal Pictures and I could not be happier about that. :) I know we have done somethings slightly backwards but we are none to judge, and I am so proud of what we have both accomplished, gained, and have set a future for! :) I couldn't be any happier with our life!!
.... well..... maybe if we had baby room furniture ordered.. and the entire wedding plans complete... nope... I'd still be this happy! :)

Thanks to all that made this day special... even the guy who whistled at me on the street in Clinton while I was posing!! :)

Tomorrow will be an exhausting day of schoolwork, meeting with my professor, and attending class.
I am looking forward to the weekend...
A night with some of my favorite girls... my lingerie shower and bachelorette party...
then Saturday day with Brian's AMAZING family and friends...
and an evening with all the Days (new and old!)

feeling the love, and ready for bed.
Syd (+ a kickin carrie)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cooking for Two... well really Three...

So after my wedding shower hosted by Mrs. Pat + Friends (awesome friends) and tons of gifts from friends and family... I was honestly OVER WHELMED at the amount of cooking products that I had registered for and recieved!! One reason being that I did not expect people to be so generous! :) Another reason being is that I have NO CLUE HOW TO COOK!!! I love my mother to pieces but cooking is not her speciality, not that she is bad at it, she just doesn't do it often. Thankfully, my grandmother, Shirley is good at it, and does it often.
One of my favorite quotes from my NeeNee, Shirley, is "Good cooks make messes!" I enjoyed this rule of thumb as I helped her roll out the biscuts for chicken and dumplins, or whatever ever she was making. I loved dough and I loved flour, I could make a MESS!

So with last weeks dilemma, I was very discouraged... I burnt dinner two nights in a row. and I was UPSET to say the least, I am pretty sure that was the horomones kickin' in.

This week, I have a new found plan! I am starting smallll.... like pre-made meals small... amd easy 15 minute recipes. I am determined to feed my future husband and baby!!!
So this weeks menu is exciting and easy... ya ready... Baslamic Chicken and Noodles, pre-stuffed pork chops with boudin and broc-n-cheese, and chicken paramsean.. so my spelling may be poor with my menu but HEY it is a MENU!!! yay!!

So this week will be trying, 1. because I have a TON of schoolwork to complete before Thursday, 2. I am attempting to cook three days in a row 3. Bridal Pics Wednesday! 4. basically I am so busy that I worn out thinking of how busy I am! 

Speaking of busy and cooking... I better QUIT before I burn dinner #3!!

Ohhh and Baby Carrie is a MOVING machine!! I LOVE FEELING her move around!
Brian is working hard at his new job and seems to be enjoying it, minus the commute to and from BR, where his training is.
I am sooo excited about my lingerie shower and our couples honey do shower and my brother and new sister in laws wedding reception this weekend!! Busy week, Busy Weekend, GOOD TIMES ahead!!!

love to all.