Friday, November 19, 2010

Brian's Gone for the WEEKEND....

That is right, my sweet fiance has left for the weekend to go to New Orleans for his bachelor party  

I am somehow unfazed by this... most brides to be worry, I am just glad he is getting this excited party! *weird* I have ordered a pizza, watched lifetime, and I am now settling down for a night filled with schoolwork, and most likely some coffee flavored ice cream!

Baby News: The doctor called me "uncomplicated", I REALLLY REALLLY wished Brian would have been at this doctor's appt with me, nothing special happened, I just wish Brian could have heard the word "uncomplicated" in reference to me coming out of DOCTOR'S MOUTH!! :)
He said Baby Carrie is doing well, all things seem normal, and that the heart beat was 148! Our baby girl is just a growing! :)

Wedding News: LSU vs. ARKANSAS is set to play at 2:30... that means there is time for a WEDDING and a RECEPTION!! HOOORAYYY!! Can't wait to see this... I have got Arkansas family and LSU fan family... let's just keep in peaceful, ok? :)
With that announcement.... the countdown has begun, the wedding festivities are right around the corner! Brian asked today, "Are you nervous?" ... the answer is NO!! I am more excited than anything.

I have a few missions for the weekend, since I have the house to myself and lots of time on my hands, I will display these in list form...
                             My Weekend To Do List, that will continue into the week...
  • SCHOOL WORK (I really have til Tuesday to complete all my schoolwork necessary to graduate, this I am panicking about, but it will get done.. why? because it HAS to!!!)
  • RUN THROUGH OF CENTERPIECES (most of you know, this is a Do-it-Youself wedding and the centerpieces are included in that DIY theme)
  • PAINT NEW BEDFRAME (we got a new guest bed- in honor of the DIY theme that is currently taking over my life, my mother and I have taken yet another project- painting guest bed :) ) 
  • FINISH ALL LAST MINUTE WEDDING PREPARATIONS (DIY guestbook, question book, wrap presents, and begin decorating Charlie's Place!)  
As this exciting time is nearing, I am overwhelmed, exhausted, easily aggitated, but over all I feel like I am KICKIN' BOOTY!!! I feel great, achieved, and proud of myself (and so very very thankful for all the help I have recieved!)

So, ending this Blog, dear family and friends, say a prayer for Brian's Bachelor Party, my schoolwork, my dear mother's sanity, and that this weekend is PRODUCTIVE! :)

I love you all, 
I am so very thankful to have you all in my crazy, hectic, wonderful .... LIFE!

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