Monday, November 8, 2010

Cooking for Two... well really Three...

So after my wedding shower hosted by Mrs. Pat + Friends (awesome friends) and tons of gifts from friends and family... I was honestly OVER WHELMED at the amount of cooking products that I had registered for and recieved!! One reason being that I did not expect people to be so generous! :) Another reason being is that I have NO CLUE HOW TO COOK!!! I love my mother to pieces but cooking is not her speciality, not that she is bad at it, she just doesn't do it often. Thankfully, my grandmother, Shirley is good at it, and does it often.
One of my favorite quotes from my NeeNee, Shirley, is "Good cooks make messes!" I enjoyed this rule of thumb as I helped her roll out the biscuts for chicken and dumplins, or whatever ever she was making. I loved dough and I loved flour, I could make a MESS!

So with last weeks dilemma, I was very discouraged... I burnt dinner two nights in a row. and I was UPSET to say the least, I am pretty sure that was the horomones kickin' in.

This week, I have a new found plan! I am starting smallll.... like pre-made meals small... amd easy 15 minute recipes. I am determined to feed my future husband and baby!!!
So this weeks menu is exciting and easy... ya ready... Baslamic Chicken and Noodles, pre-stuffed pork chops with boudin and broc-n-cheese, and chicken paramsean.. so my spelling may be poor with my menu but HEY it is a MENU!!! yay!!

So this week will be trying, 1. because I have a TON of schoolwork to complete before Thursday, 2. I am attempting to cook three days in a row 3. Bridal Pics Wednesday! 4. basically I am so busy that I worn out thinking of how busy I am! 

Speaking of busy and cooking... I better QUIT before I burn dinner #3!!

Ohhh and Baby Carrie is a MOVING machine!! I LOVE FEELING her move around!
Brian is working hard at his new job and seems to be enjoying it, minus the commute to and from BR, where his training is.
I am sooo excited about my lingerie shower and our couples honey do shower and my brother and new sister in laws wedding reception this weekend!! Busy week, Busy Weekend, GOOD TIMES ahead!!!

love to all.

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