Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love is in the Air!

This morning I woke up to TWO of the sweetest things...
1. Brian sent me a text that said "One month from today we'll be waking up MARRIED!"
2. Carrie Addis was moving all around, letting me know it was time for breakfast!

I have turned a new leaf in life in these past two weeks. Feeling her move around is such an amazing experience. At first it was just flutters... could have been confused with gas :/ Now, you can not mistake the movement, she has even been on a pattern, although it is still somewhat sporatic, I am aware of her movements at breakfast time, afetr breakfast, and around 9 p.m.   I truly feel blessed to have the exeperience of feeling her move. Brian can feel her too... we lay in bed and watch TV and *gasp* everytime she moves! It has been a great bonding experience for us both, towards each other and to her, out little Carrie Addis McCumsey.

Other love... wedding planning is ALMOST done!! :) yay! We have got about a month til the "I Do's"! Things left on the agenda are fun stuff like centerpieces, designing the wedding cake, and showers! :)

We have a honey-do' shower for Brian's friends and family on November 13th- during the day... because that night we are celebrating my handsome brother's recent marriage to Brooke! Congrats Brooke and Andrew! :)
 The night before (Nov 12th) is my bachelorette night of fun that my maid of honor Sara has been planning! I am so excited about this... a night with some of my favorite girls! :)

As for Brian's bachelor party... well.. let's just all say a prayer! Just Kidding! Brian is very excited about this... and he should be.. He is having a special guest attend.... Mr. Travis Horner!!! :) yay!

And lastly, I recentlt had my bridal shower hosted by Mrs. Pat and lots of her wonderful friends. I was so very nervous about this, and I have no idea why! It was a wonderful shower, the food was fantastic, and it was wonderful to see some many people supporting me and Brians engagement! ~Special thanks to all those that helped host, attended, or sent love! :) It is all much appreciated... now I must learn how to cook! :)

Love to all,
Happy Halloween Weekend,
Sydney (almost Mrs. McCumsey!)

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  1. Love the updates and your positive, powerful attitude toward life and your family & friends!

    And, I am soo excited that Travis is getting to come for the bachelor party. That was a surprise for me :)

    Love your Sweetness ~ Hold on to that~!

    Love, Denise