Sunday, October 17, 2010

All smiles in the McCumsey House!!

Hello All! :)

I am pleased to announce a few things!! One, Carrie Addis is MOVING alllll around in my belly and I can FEEL her just a fluttering!! :) We have an ultrasound and doc appointment this Wednesday! I can not wait to see her again!! Her daddy is excited too! He says he keeps having dreams when he sleeps that they first ultrasound was mistaken and she is actually a BOY!! :))

Other exciting news is that the wedding planning is coming full circle! I only have a few things left to accomplish!! D.J. service ... floral arrangements... and deciding on centerpieces.... They are going to be Do-It-Yourself and I am excited about this task! Somehow I have managed to do lots of things in a "do-it-yourself" kind of way... I also have done lots of things in an organic-recycled way, that was actually on accident but now I feel proud!! Even every part of the invitations are made out of recycled paper, you all should be getting those soon!

Me and Brian have some AWESOME 'engagement' photos, they were not done professionally but they sure look like they were!! Thanks to my lovely and talented mother, Phyllis!! :) If you ladies can make it to the Bridal Shower this Saturday I hope to have them printed so all can see how good lookin' we are!! HA! :)

Love to all,
We are sure enjoying this busy FALL!
Sydney (Almost McCumsey!)

The photos are not edited yet! We took them today!! I feel so blessed to have a happy, loving, and HANDSOME fiance! :) 


  1. I love the pics! You are just totally glowing I love it~
    xoxo see you Thursday


  2. Feeling them move is amazing, isn't it? I can't even explain the joy of experiencing it. When Chris puts his hand on my stomack Bentlee usually stops..LOL.. but you two look beautiful!! Baby girl is gonna be a knock out...Lobve you cuz