Monday, May 16, 2011

Way Past Due

Blogging hasn't been my top priority lately. :( I hope to get better though!! 

Carrie has been taking up ALL of my time! and I love every second of it!
She has been truly a blessing to our family! The McCumseys just love her and the Days can't get enough! She is growing so quickly! I am enjoying every moment at home with her!! She is fun the play with and sweet to cuddle. :) We are some proud parents! 

Since she was a breech baby (soon to be on the BEACH by the way!) she has had some issues with her hips, it is called hip dysplasia. She has been in a harness for about 3 weeks now and we hope only 3 more weeks to go!!

I wanted to share some photos of the past few months! ... here ya go.... our sweet bundle of FUN! 

Poppi Loves the Beatles and so does Carrie!

Easter Morning with Grammy 

Easter Morning with Momma!

Rocking Baby! 

Always Smiling!

Her new TRICK! 

Her first real bath! She loves bath time!

Meeting her Great Grandparents!

Always grinning - even at the Doctor!

This is the first day of her hip harness - she didn't mind at all!

Right before her two month shots!

A happy Bird!!!

She is truly one HAPPY baby girl! A blessing!
 Hope you are all well! And we are happy to share the LOVE! :)