Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We are having a baby.....

GIRL!!! With pig tails, pony tails, little pink cowboy boots, ribbons and bows, and flowers and things that smell oh-so nice!! We are thrilled to be having a LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!

We went to Angel Prints, in Baton Rouge, a place that does pre-natal imagining in 2D(regular ultrasound) and 3D(where you can see details). We went to determine the gender of Baby McCumsey and left with an AMAZING, life-changing experience!

We got to see OUR baby moving ALL around!! She had legs, arms, hands, feet, eyes, a nose!! She has everything!!! It was amazing to see her move around and watch her stretch or try to put her thumb in her mouth... which OPEN and CLOSED!! I was completely in shock that this Baby growing inside of me actually is A BABY!!!! She is beautiful already!!

The following photo is from the ultrasound. Some of the pictures are in 2D and some 3D. This was an awesome experience and we want to do it again!! (and would love for any of you to come with us, the place seats about 10 people and you can watch on a big screen!) If you would like to see the other photos let me know and I can email them, for some reason I could not add them to the Blog.

P.S.: Brian was thrilled for a girl! We left and he was soo giddy!! He said "I am going to be a father to a little baby girl!!" :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Third Baby McCumsey Appointment

Me and Brian went to our third prenatal appointment yesterday, Wednesday, September 15! IT WAS AMAZING!! I am loving my doctor... although the wait to see him in unbearable!!

We were able to hear a heartbeat of 15o... and he/she was LOUD AND PROUD!! It was amazing to hear... I wish I could hear he/she all the time!! The nurse said Baby McCumsey was sitting a little lower than normal for my gestational age, he/she is sitting on my bladder... and YES! I can feel that! hah!

Our next appointment will consist of an ultrasound and a regular doctor's visit on October 20th. At this appointment we will find out the gender of Baby McCumsey. Brian and I are both so anxious about this... I am hoping I can talk him into going to one of the outside ultrasound places, like First Glimpse of Baton Rouge, so we can get a sneak peak at Baby McCumsey!! (If we do that we can go as early as Oct.

As for wedding news.. the unofficial wedding date is November 27th. (Due to there being NO WHERE available... this seems like the only weekend so it is the BEST weekend! :)
There are alot of loose ends to tie up in the next few days, we hope to have some solid details next week!
All you family and friends are free to give us advice... We will be looking for 'affordable' caterers, dj's, cake makers, and florists! Feel free to shoot me an email at srh018@gmail.com if you can recommend someone!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I can not believe the day has come where we are ENGAGED!! Although we haven't even been dating for long... we know we found love from the start... It is hard to find someone to put up with your "B.S." and I think we have done that!!

I couldn't be happier to share that we are engaged! Me and Brian have been talking about getting married months before Baby McCumsey came along... I am just glad we decided to get engaged and plan a wedding "our way" ...

A few of the unofficial decisions are that ...
1. We are embracing the Baby McCumsey Bump because we LOVE IT!
2. We are looking into a late November wedding or a December wedding... yes, of this YEAR! :)
3. We are so thankful for all the LOVE and SUPPORT we get from our friends and family! :) (that is an OFFICIAL DECISION!)

To Brian's Family:
Thank you all so much for being such a welcoming group.. I truly feel blessed to become part of this loving family! :)

To my Family:
Thank you for supporting me and Brian!! I am so very happy to share my joy and excitement of our engagement and our baby. I miss a certain member of my family, but I certainly feel his presence everytime I look at wedding things... his eye for nice things is within me! :)

So there will be more to come... Blog Name Changes.... a combo of Baby McCumsey Planning and Wedding Planning and Family Planning!

Love you all... Next doctor appointment for Baby McCumsey is Sept. 15!