Thursday, September 9, 2010


I can not believe the day has come where we are ENGAGED!! Although we haven't even been dating for long... we know we found love from the start... It is hard to find someone to put up with your "B.S." and I think we have done that!!

I couldn't be happier to share that we are engaged! Me and Brian have been talking about getting married months before Baby McCumsey came along... I am just glad we decided to get engaged and plan a wedding "our way" ...

A few of the unofficial decisions are that ...
1. We are embracing the Baby McCumsey Bump because we LOVE IT!
2. We are looking into a late November wedding or a December wedding... yes, of this YEAR! :)
3. We are so thankful for all the LOVE and SUPPORT we get from our friends and family! :) (that is an OFFICIAL DECISION!)

To Brian's Family:
Thank you all so much for being such a welcoming group.. I truly feel blessed to become part of this loving family! :)

To my Family:
Thank you for supporting me and Brian!! I am so very happy to share my joy and excitement of our engagement and our baby. I miss a certain member of my family, but I certainly feel his presence everytime I look at wedding things... his eye for nice things is within me! :)

So there will be more to come... Blog Name Changes.... a combo of Baby McCumsey Planning and Wedding Planning and Family Planning!

Love you all... Next doctor appointment for Baby McCumsey is Sept. 15!



  1. I truly am very excited for you Syd, and wish nothing but the best for you and Brian. Not to mention I am extremely excited about planning and attending yall's wedding!!
    Love you like a sister- Sara

  2. Whoo hooo! Two family weddings in 2010, this is turning out to be a FAB-ulous year! Let me know if you need any help or a "Yes" man...I'm very good at saying YES! :) Love you two! And welcome to the family Brian!