Thursday, September 16, 2010

Third Baby McCumsey Appointment

Me and Brian went to our third prenatal appointment yesterday, Wednesday, September 15! IT WAS AMAZING!! I am loving my doctor... although the wait to see him in unbearable!!

We were able to hear a heartbeat of 15o... and he/she was LOUD AND PROUD!! It was amazing to hear... I wish I could hear he/she all the time!! The nurse said Baby McCumsey was sitting a little lower than normal for my gestational age, he/she is sitting on my bladder... and YES! I can feel that! hah!

Our next appointment will consist of an ultrasound and a regular doctor's visit on October 20th. At this appointment we will find out the gender of Baby McCumsey. Brian and I are both so anxious about this... I am hoping I can talk him into going to one of the outside ultrasound places, like First Glimpse of Baton Rouge, so we can get a sneak peak at Baby McCumsey!! (If we do that we can go as early as Oct.

As for wedding news.. the unofficial wedding date is November 27th. (Due to there being NO WHERE available... this seems like the only weekend so it is the BEST weekend! :)
There are alot of loose ends to tie up in the next few days, we hope to have some solid details next week!
All you family and friends are free to give us advice... We will be looking for 'affordable' caterers, dj's, cake makers, and florists! Feel free to shoot me an email at if you can recommend someone!

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