Monday, October 3, 2011

"You're so vain"...

Not to be vain but I really LOVE the photo's of myself and my family done by Heather Ray Photography. She makes me feel beautiful inside and out! :)
Here are some of my favorites! (pinning to share with the world!)


Bridal at Bluff Creek Methodist Church

Capturing and Funny and Sweet moment of my wedding day with my Mom, my Grandmother, and my big ole baby belly!

Wedding Boots, Flowers, & Pearls

Country Love Wedding

Boot and Ring

I loved my pregnant belly so much.

Baby Blocks spelling out Baby's Name!

Baby's Name in Blocks on Pregnant Belly

2 weeks old. Sweet baby. Happy Momma.

My Favorite Picture.


love that grin and those dancing eyes

Thanks for browsing more blogging to come! I have some catching up to do! (aka bragging!)