Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bridals Pictures and Dinner Night Two

So last night I skipped cooking and we had leftovers! Hey- we got fed, that is what is important!
Tonight was good! I cooked, it was easy! :) yay!

Today I had the honor of being a girly girl and playing dress up! I got my nails painted, went and got my hair styled by Becca Dantin! She did an awesome job of making me ... look like... ME! :) yay! Then a high school buddy, Megan, who works at the salon Becca works at, offered to do my eye make up... it was very sweet and touching that she offered... this was something I was scared of... one, because I don't let people do my make up, two, I don't even wear a lot of make up, three, I am terrible at applying make up. All in all, I left Salon Avallon feeling like the prettiest bride to be THAT every walked the WORLD!!!

I met up with my photographer/friend Heather Ray and I really enjoyed spending time with her and getting all the photo's done!! I was nervous about this photo session, everytime I pay someone to take photos of me, I end up being all nervous, and looking awkard and hating them. I was very relaxed and natural with Heather! I am so glad for that!! This is a link to Heather Ray's website:

Baby Carrie is going to look back and see her pregnant momma all gussied up for her Bridal Pictures and I could not be happier about that. :) I know we have done somethings slightly backwards but we are none to judge, and I am so proud of what we have both accomplished, gained, and have set a future for! :) I couldn't be any happier with our life!!
.... well..... maybe if we had baby room furniture ordered.. and the entire wedding plans complete... nope... I'd still be this happy! :)

Thanks to all that made this day special... even the guy who whistled at me on the street in Clinton while I was posing!! :)

Tomorrow will be an exhausting day of schoolwork, meeting with my professor, and attending class.
I am looking forward to the weekend...
A night with some of my favorite girls... my lingerie shower and bachelorette party...
then Saturday day with Brian's AMAZING family and friends...
and an evening with all the Days (new and old!)

feeling the love, and ready for bed.
Syd (+ a kickin carrie)

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