Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life is Good...

Today I have 6 weeks and 5 days left til due date! (not that we are counting down or anything!) Ha!

Life is good with this new McCumsey household! We had a wonderful Christmas spent with friends and family. New Years was spent well also! I enjoyed watching The McCumsey girls play with fireworks and friends! Now that all the holiday events have ended I have focused on making our home more homey! As most of you know we have listed it with our friend and realtor, Nikki Calmes! Now that I have made some "Sydney-like" changes I actually enjoy the house! The baby room is looking colorful and fun! I am loving it! Our bedroom is now a nice retreat, rather than cluttered! and we actually SIT in the LIVINGroom!! :) (oh and you can see the laundry room floor!) With the hecticness of combining two peoples' belongings, and adding a baby to the mx, I was a little overwhelmed with organizing and cleaning! With the help of my mother and Brian the house is now our home! :) I am so thankful for it too! My nesting stage has kicked in and I am organizing everything, cleaning, redecorating, and painting!

The Colorful Nursey Room for Carrie Addis!     

Basically there are no complaints in this McCumsey Household, except for a minor cold! Say a little prayer that this cold of mine goes away fast so I can get back to NESTING!

Life is Good.
Love is Amazing.

-Sydney McCumsey!

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