Monday, December 20, 2010

Carrie Addis is BEAUTIFUL!!

We had an amazing weekend! I graduated! It was a very fulfilling experience... An accomplishment that I will always cherish. I am so thankful my parents and grandmother, NeeNee, aka Shirley Sue, came to see me walk across the stage! And poor old Brian stayed the entire time! :) 

My graduation present from Brian was one I will never forget! We did a 3D ultrasound! Roll call for the ultrasound: My Mother, Phyllis, My dad, Drew, My in-laws, Mr.Mike and Mrs.Pat, and my grandmother, Shirley. 
We ultrasound was an amazing experience. Carrie was not very cooperative at first, she was hiding from us, being 'camera' shy, something neither one of her parents are!!! We got to see some amazing movement. She sucks her thumb, keeps her hands in her face, and feet are just a kickin'! Thankfully she has all ten fingers and toes! She has stolen all of our hearts already!It was truly a blessing seeing her all cozy in my belly! Here are some of the photo's we received from the ultrasound: 
Little Feet- She was crossing her legs!

Sleepy Baby Carrie

Giving us the PEACE sign! My Favorite!

She Sucks Her Thumb!!

All Cozy!

Uh-Oh A Grumpy Face- She was getting cranky towards the end of the session, so amazing to actually see!

Picking her nose!? 

 We are so blessed to see our little girl! Hope you enjoy the pictures... 
Love All, 
Sydney (&Brian)

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